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                               FASHION JEWELLERY

                                                       Fashion jewellery. What we do and how we do it.

   Our fashion jewellery pieces made of stamped brass, enamelled by hand, are unique in the world for their design. This highly  elaborate line of products truly requires a great deal of handiwork throughout the whole production process. The design team of Clara  Bijoux is inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau, as well as by other classical lines, with the aim to create fashion jewellery collections  and gifts in both classical and trendier styles. Styles are updated every season according to the latest fashion trends, striving for  chromatic harmony in every single composition. We work at our fashion jewellery manufacturer in Ciutadella de Menorca, where we  make the steel moulds in several shapes and designs that are used to manufacture the pieces made in stamped brass and then  enamelled, painted colour after colour, by expert and patient hands. Clara Bijoux also manufactures for Spanish shoe wear and leather  goods sector name brands in exclusive. It also boasts the experience and technology necessary to accept customized orders to  manufacture fashion jewellery items, gifts and any accessories at the customers’ request.

                                              ABOUT US

      Artisan jewellers by vocation and family tradition. Our father, Diego Torres, founded the company in Ciutadella de Menorca in 1953 after training to be a goldsmith and silversmith in Barcelona. He then entered this industry working as an apprentice in a fashion jewellery manufacturer in the place where he was born. He named this company Industrias Galy and launched on the national and international markets of fashion jewellery made with precious stones. Over the years, the brand specialized in manufacturing shoe wear accessories and handbags according to the demand of Spanish manufacturers of the sector. The enamelled pieces used to decorate shoes inspired the first fashion jewellery sampler with stamped brass pieces, enamelled by hand, that identifies and singularises the brand. In 1998, our father passed the baton on to us, his children, Pedro, Clara and Biel, to manage the business, at which time we changed the company name. Since then we have stood faithful to the professional and human philosophy instilled by our father: extreme care and passion invested in every single piece of the collection in order to achieve a high quality and unique product.

Clara Torres is responsible for managing the design team of the company. For several years, she was in charge of choosing the colour range for her father’s (Diego Torres) designs and she is currently one of the artists responsible for new designs that are included every season in both the classical and trendy fashion jewellery collections. The team also works with the painter Marc Jesús (Ibiza, 1966). Marc Jesús is now established in Menorca where, after having also studied jewellery and fashion jewellery has become an artist renowned for his painting and sculpture. He has a vast curriculum of single and group exhibitions around Spain and in other countries such as Belgium, Germany or Cuba 

                                             Euro-Bijoux Design Award.

                                                                                       31 / 10 / 2011

                      Euro-Bijoux award to the best European design in 2003 and 2004

   The professional work and the fostering of quality by Clara Bijoux earned it industry recognition in two consecutive events organised by the most important fair of this sector in Europe.

    In 2003, our company was awarded the Euro-Bijoux European design prize to the best “New Classic”. A year later, we were awarded the best “Innovative material” prize for “the effort made in experimenting within their own production and manufacturing process almost without any other external material resources”, as the jury members remarked. The renowned Spanish designer Elio Bernhayer took part in this edition, who had previously won the Premio Nacional de Diseño de Moda 2011 awarded by the Spanish Culture Department and one of the first designers who included fashion jewellery pieces in fashion collections.

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