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In the manufacture of imitation jewelery brand "Clara Bijoux" only use hypoallergenic materials using silver, brass and enamel, free nickel impurities.
Our spare stamped brass jewelry, hand-glazed, they are unique in the world for its style. It is an elaborate range requires a handicraft production from start to finish. The design team of Clara Bijoux is inspired by the Art Deco and Art Nouveau, among other classic lines, to create collections of jewelry and gift items of the two lines, classic and fashion, every season are updated with the latest fashion trends with an eye for color harmony of each of the compositions.

 Jewelery factory Ciutadella steel molds create multiple shapes and patterns that serve for the production of all parts manufactured in forged brass and enamel, color after color, hands and experienced patients.

Nuestras piezas de bisutería de latón estampado, esmaltado a mano, son únicas en el mundo por su estilo. Se trata de una gama muy elaborada que requiere de una producción artesanal de principio a fin. El equipo de diseño de Clara Bijoux se inspira en el Art Decó y el Art Noveau, entre otras líneas clásicas, para crear las colecciones de bisutería y objetos de regalo de las dos líneas, clásica y fashion, que se actualizan cada temporada con las últimas tendencias en moda y cuidando al máximo la armonía cromática de cada una de las composiciones.

En nuestra fábrica de bisutería de Ciutadella de Menorca creamos los moldes de acero de múltiples formas y dibujos que servirán para la producción de todas las piezas fabricadas en latón estampado y esmaltadas, color tras color, por manos pacientes y con gran experiencia.

En Clara Bijoux también fabricamos accesorios en exclusiva para primeras marcas del sector del calzado, piel y marroquinería de España y contamos con la experiencia y la tecnología necesaria para atender encargos personalizados que nos soliciten nuestros clientes.

Fashion jewellery. What we do and how we do it.

Our fashion jewellery pieces made of stamped brass, enamelled by hand, are unique in the world for their design. This highly elaborate line of products truly requires a great deal of handiwork throughout the whole production process. The design team of Clara Bijoux is inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau, as well as by other classical lines, with the aim to create fashion jewellery collections and gifts in both classical and trendier styles. Styles are updated every season according to the latest fashion trends, striving for chromatic harmony in every single composition. We work at our fashion jewellery manufacturer in Ciutadella de Menorca, where we make the steel moulds in several shapes and designs that are used to manufacture the pieces made in stamped brass and then enamelled, painted colour after colour, by expert and patient hands. Clara Bijoux also manufactures for Spanish shoe wear and leather goods sector name brands in exclusive. It also boasts the experience and technology necessary to accept customized orders to manufacture fashion jewellery items, gifts and any accessories at the customers’ request.

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